If you’re in the market for the best metal lathe, you’ll be pleased to know that Amazon offers some impressive choices for great prices. Today, we want to showcase a range of different styles which get good reviews and offer a host of benefits and features.

First, in case you’re unfamiliar, we’d like to talk about what a metal lathe actually is. This type of lathe is made to machine materials which are harder-than-average in a precise way. Metal lathes were created in order to help people machine metal materials. Later on, they became choices for machining other materials, including plastics. Today, they are utilized in order to perform a variety of applications, with an assortment of materials. They work by taking material away via a workpiece which rotates.

Now that we’ve explained what these machines do, let’s look at some styles which really deliver for those who own them. While it’s difficult to name one design which is the best metal lathe for the money, as everyone has different needs and preferences, as well as different budgets, we’ll rank the highest-rated style at number one and go from there. You may order any of these styles from the world’s largest online retailer…

1.) Grizzly G8688 Mini Metal Lathe, 7 x 12-Inch

This metal lathe is a mini style, so it’s our pick as the best small metal lathe. It retails for just under eleven hundred dollars, so it’s an investment. However, it’s features-packed, well-made and very dependable, so it is an investment in quality. When you choose this model, you’ll access a smaller metal lathe which features variable speed. As well, you should know that this model forwards and reverses at all speeds. it includes a backsplash guard and a chip tray and has a 16 TPI lead screw which is reversible. It is also equipped with an indicator for the threading dial.

This machine is very compact. It’s a space-saving design. However, its small size doesn’t mean that it isn’t functional! It gets its power via its three-quarter HP engine and features speeds from zero to twenty-five hundred revolutions per minute. There are reading dials for inches and for metric, as well as a turret-style tool post and splash guard/chip tray. This style will be just right for smaller tasks and hobby-related tasks.

2.) SHOP FOX M1016 10-Inch by 20-Inch Metal Lathe

Another compact lathe which has a strong and positive reputation is the Shop Fox M1016. It comes with a swing which measures nine and three-quarter inches and features twenty-one inches of distance between the centers. As well, it comes with plenty of practical accessories, including a five-inch, three-jaw chuck and an eye shield. In addition, it features a turret tool post which is “four-way”.

This lathe has an HP three-quarter motor and thread cutting capacty of mm 12 at .4-3.0.

When you choose this model, you’ll receive a stand for the machine. The lathe functions at speed of one hundred and fifty to twenty-four hundred revolutions per minute and has 110 volts of power. You’ll be able to choose from six different speeds for customized performance. The unit typically retails for about fifteen hundred bucks. It’s a high-quality lathe and it’s one of the best hobby metal lathe designs on the market.

3.) SHOP FOX M1018 Small Combo Lathe Mill

One of the best metal lathe designs for hobbyists or machinists who are just starting out is this SHOP FOX design. It’s ideal for a lot of practical tasks, including turning, thread cutting, drilling and the milling of smaller items. It’s a combination-style lathe which features a lot of great extras, such as a tool post of the turret style with a four-way design and a face plate which measures nine and a half inches, in addition to a three-jaw chuck which measures four inches and a vise which rotates and is built into the machine.

As well, it comes with a swing-over-bed which measures sixteen and half inches, a swing over saddle which measures eleven and a half inches, a spindle bore which measures three-quarters of an inch and tapers of the MT #3 style. There is nineteen and three-sixteenths of an inch of distance between the centers. This design retails for just over fifteen hundred bucks.

4.) Mophorn Metal Lathe 7 x 14 Inch Precision Mini Lathe Variable Speed

This design is another mini-style lathe and it’s one of the best benchtop metal lathe styles. When you choose this Mophorn-brand lathe, you’ll find that it offers a lot of precision, despite its compact size. It will perform well for an array of tasks, including drilling, metal turning, ID turning, OD turning and cutting and it works with a host of materials.

This lathe was designed to help hobbyists and modelers who want to create fine detail for usage in construction projects. It features variable speeds of up to twenty-five hundred revolutions per minutes and measures seven by fourteen inches. The distance between the centers for this lathe is fourteen inches and it has a seven-inch swing-over bed. This lathe is pretty affordable at $699.99.

5.) ETD 7 x 14 Precision Bench Top Mini Metal Milling Lathe Variable Speed

Another affordable best metal lathe brand is ETD and this respected brand’s 7 X 14 bench top lathe is available for just over seven hundred dollars. It’s a mini style which comes with a 5-piece cutting set (5/16-inch HSS Carbine Tipped). This lathe is perfect for machining small parts precisely and it’s also ideal for processing samples and creating modeling works. If you’re a hobbyist who wants to create more fine detail for your construction projects, then you’ll find that this highly-rated design offers tons of benefits for a fair price.

It’s designed to make OD turning, ID turning, threading, cutting and drilling easy and it works on an array of materials. It comes with a swing bed which measures seven by fourteen inches and features a readout for digital speed. When you order, you’ll receive your lathe, as well as internal jaws, external jaws, a chuck key, a readout for speed and a four-inch chuck. This lathe has eleven gears.

6.) Shop Fox M1099 10 by 26-Inch Bench Lathe, Metal

If you want a high-end lathe and you can afford to spend $1,819.99 in order to access superior quality and performance, then you’ll benefit from considering the Shop Fox M1099 lathe. It’s so easy to alter thread selections with this machine, just as you would with bigger lathes. However, this bench-style model is very compact and measures ten inches by twenty-six inches.

Also, with this design, you will not need to swap change gears. Instead, you may check out a thread chart which is included and then perform a rotation of the machine’s dials in order to change threads. This lathe comes with six speeds to choose from and it has a carriage which is full-featured, as well as apron assemblies which ensure precision finishes and cuts. This lathe is well-made and has a shipping weight of five hundred and five pounds.

Which Metal Lathe is Right for You?

We’ve featured six designs which are strong sellers at the world’s largest online retailer. Hopefully, one of them suits your needs and budget. We included styles with different price tags, sizes and features, so we can help different types of people to find exactly what they need. All of these designs come from trusted brand names and all get the job done.

Whether you want something small, which is ideal for your home construction projects, or prefer something a bit larger, which is more heavy-duty, you’ll find that the right style is right here on our list. When you buy your own lathe, you’ll be one step closer to getting the precision results that you want. Once your new lathe arrives, read the Owner’s Manual carefully, even if you’ve used a lot of metal lathes in the past. It’s always wise to read the instructions with care, as there may be features on your new lathe which aren’t familiar to you. You’ll get more out of your new machine if you know exactly what it can do, right from day one.

Most lathes come with safety features. However, you’ll also need to think about safety. Your Owner’s Manual should offer safety recommendations and guidelines and we definitely think that you should follow them.

Hopefully, this detailed guide to the best metal lathe has helped you to find an ideal match. If you’re torn between a few models, be sure to head for Amazon and read the reviews from real-life customers. These reviews will give you a deeper sense of what specific models have to offer.

It will be great to have your very own lathe and many of these designs are definitely space-saving models. With this in mind, why not check these styles out and then order your favorite today. Warranty information should be available when you order. As well, you should be available to choose the shipping option which is right for you.

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