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The Top 7 Flooring Nailers On the Market

Written by Eric Johnson

Sometimes, your hardwood flooring chips pretty badly and it demands to be replaced. Other times, you just want to install a new one because yours is old and you want a change. Maybe you are moving to a new home, and this new house of yours needs a wood flooring. You can save both time and money by doing this yourself. It is not that difficult if you have the right tools for it. Also, if you are free, it is a nice productive activity.

If you have decided to install this flooring yourself, you’ll need good tools. Doing it the traditional way is tiresome, time-consuming and, let’s admit it, impossible. It can cause blisters on your hands and there’s always the possibility of accidentally nailing them. Ouch!

Doing it with a flooring nailer is the best solution. It does quick work with no time wasted. Also, the chances of you getting injured are pretty slim unless you decide to deliberately nail your hand.

So you do this job using a flooring nailer. The decision is made, but what about the choice? Which nailer should you buy for doing the task yourself? This is a tough choice because there are so many nailing tools out there in the market. When you check out the store, you will realize you have too many options, but at the same time, you want to spend money on a product that is not going to make you regret your decision. At a time like this, you’ll need to figure out which nailer is reliable and help you in the way you want.

Here is a list of the top 7 flooring nailers that are the best of the best and you can totally trust them with your nailing.

Freeman PFL618BR

It is one of the most excellent nailers out there. It helps you in several ways because of how simple using it is and how many jobs it performs.

Main features

The Freeman PFL618BR is a 3-in-1 gun that is a flooring stapler, T-cleat, and L-cleat nailer combo. This gun has multiple uses as it shoots both nails and staples. This gun is the perfect tool, especially for someone who has to buy both a nailer and a stapler.

It does its work well, as the reviews online suggest that it doesn’t even cause any splits in the hardwood flooring. While it sometimes jams, this is nothing of concern as for most people, it works fine and causes no trouble. Also, there’s always the customer care to help you with any queries.


  • This tool has a long handle and a comfy grip. The easy grip helps keep the nailer in place and saves you from a backache that you can get from long hours of constant working.
  • It is built with aluminum and has rubber o-rings that make the product durable.
  • You can switch between ½” and ¾” base plates according to your needs.
  • The magazine has a volume of 100 to 120 staples or cleats.
  • It has a dust-proof cap and an air filter.
  • It comes with a carrying case and wooden mallet.
  • You don’t have to strike the bumper too hard. A little thump and it’s good to go.

Freeman PF18GLCN

If you are installing a more exotic hardwood flooring like bamboo or cherry, this is your go-to tool. The Freeman PF18GLCN nailing gun drives 18 gauge L-cleats without any mess.

Main features

Customers say that this is the best tool for exotic hardwood flooring that they have come across. It is not too pricey and does the job flawlessly. It is also not the victim of jamming. It saves you time as it helps you do your job fast by doing its job fast. Also, it does a clean job by causing minimum splits and cuts on the floor.

Every buyer considers this Freeman device to be of great use. A vast majority agrees that there’s not a thing to complain about when it comes to this tool.


  • Has three base plates that can be switched for fitting 3/8″ – 3/4″ solid tongue and groove floors.
  • A secure grip that is anti-vibration and a long handle to keep your backache at bay.
  • Durable aluminum built and rubber o-rings. You wouldn’t need to buy a new tool anytime soon.
  • Pre-installed filling with ¼ NPT.
  • A no-mar base that ensures your floor remains free from unwanted scratches and splinters.
  • A light thump on the bumper does the job. No need to strike hard.
  • Adjustments already made.
  • Installs thick flooring in an ideal manner.
  • Has a dust-proof cap and an air filter.

DeWalt DWFP12569

The DeWalt DWFP12569 is a great tool for anybody who is looking for a nailer that is lightweight and smooth to use. This tool is a 2-in-1 product that enables you to install 15.5 ga staples and 16 ga L-cleat nails.

Main features

The main feature of this nailing gadget is that it is lightweight. With it not being too bulky, the installation is done easily without any loss of balance or control. It is the best recommendation for someone who is doing such work for the first time. The tool doesn’t misfire or jam, making the task hassle-free.

A few of the customers complain, though, that the trigger allows for air leakage. When this happens, they find themselves at a problem. However, this doesn’t happen with many people as most find its working to be smooth.


  • Has a weight of 10.6 lbs that is basically light in the weight department.
  • Punches the tongue beforehand to avoid splintering.
  • Protects the floor from scratches with a no-marring base.
  • Has an ergonomic handle and rubber grip for comfort.
  • Includes 3 depth plates (3/4″, 5/9″, and 1/2″) that are interchangeable.
  • Includes 4 Allen keys, oil, wrenches and a mallet.
  • Has an anti-dust cover and air filter.
  • Installs 15.5 ga staples and 16 ga L-cleat nails.

Bostitch MIIIFN

This is another one of the best floor nailing tools. It is a 1.5- to 2-inch pneumatic flooring nailer for the installment of L-cleats. The Bostitch MIIIFN tool works at a fabulous speed to do your flooring neatly. It has many great qualities due to which it has made a name for itself.

Main features

This tool not only works super-fast but also has a wide composite base that allows for immaculate nailing without any untidy scraps.

Since this one is the pneumatic version, it works a lot more efficiently that the regular non-pneumatic ones. Also, it’s great for the back as it means you’d be required to assert less strain on it. The money you pay is totally worth the high-end product that is known for its many classy features.

There are a few complaints regarding the user manual not giving proper instructions, but that can be easily dealt with and is not much of a big problem.


  • High power of 420 in-lbs that makes the machine more proficient and results in high speed.
  • Aluminum body means a more durable machine. It does not wear off easily.
  • Has a generous capacity of 120 cleats, saving you the annoyance of reloading again and again.
  • Has a floorboard adapter that means no splintery wood.
  • Designed with a long handle to make you position in a comfortable way.
  • Nails at the right angle and depth.
  • Mallet, adapter, and base plates included.

NuMax SFL618

Another pneumatic tool that offers a 3-in-1 stapler/nailer combination. This tool is reliable with its working and comes with a mallet as well. It has three interchangeable base plates for 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″.

Main features

The NuMax SFL618 tool is one that you’ll want to have if you decide to do the floor nailing yourself. As it is a T-cleat nailer, L-cleat nailer, and stapler, it’s like a kit of tools in itself. Also, this machine is pneumatic, which means it is more skilled at its job, making you more skilled too by a reduction in back pain.

Some of the customers have complained regarding the jams and blocks, but most have found the working to be super smooth. The jamming problem can be solved, though, by oiling the plunger shaft.

At a price this good, the tool is too good to be true.


  • Shoots 1- to 2-inch 15.5 or 16 ga staples.
  • Shoots 16 ga L-cleats and 16 ga T-cleats of 1.5 to 2 inches.
  • Has 2 non-marring base plates for firm hold and to protect the surfaces from scraps and splits.
  • Great magazine capacity.
  • Allows switching between base plates 1/2″ and 3/4″.
  • Pre-fitted NPT at 1/4″ at most air hoses.
  • Aluminum body that makes the machine long-lasting.
  • Easy grip that is padded and a long handle to suit your positioning.


Yet another amazing flooring nailer, the LSN3 LOTOS is a 2-in-1 machine that shoots both staples and nails. It does its job without a blemish by shooting 1 to 2 inches of L-cleats and 15.5 and 16 ga staples using the same magazine for both.

Main features

Not only is the machine a 2-in-1 package, but it is also reasonably priced. That is definitely the biggest pro here, considering that it is considerably cheaper than its contemporaries.

It doesn’t jam or misfire and has many features at a price this affordable. When you go for a product that offers as many features as an expensive one but comes at a price this nice, you often wonder if the quality of this tool would be as good or not. You can trust this tool. It is no doubt one of the best out there.


  • Nails both staples and cleats and makes the job easy for you.
  • Uses a single magazine for both the nails and the cleats.
  • Comes with nails and cleats.
  • Wide composite base plate that allows covering more space.
  • Non-marring base plate saves floor from ugly scraps and scratches.
  • Magazine has the capacity of storing up to 100 staples or cleats.
  • Built from die-cast material that makes industrial use smooth and saves the tool from wear and tear.
  • Has an air inlet and is air-powered.
  • Other accessories also included.

PowRyte 500022 Elite

The PowRyte 500022 Elite is of great use. It is a 2-in-1 nailer and stapler that is designed to give you a great hardwood flooring experience along with being budget-friendly. This tool shoots L-cleats and crown staples at a range of 1 to 2 inches easily.

Main features

This machine is helpful when you are looking for a nailer to do the task yourself. It is easy to use and produces high-quality results. It is lightweight at 10 lbs, designed to make installing hardwood flooring an easy job. Also, it comes with many accessories, saving you the hassle of buying all those small tools and saving your money. Users hardly have any complaints about this tool.


  • Has a magazine capacity of 80 staples and 100 cleats.
  • Non-marring base to screen the surface from scratches and splits on the hardwood. Composite base plates at 1/2″ and 3/4″.
  • The base allows one to reach closer to the wall.
  • Lightweight at 10 lbs.
  • Wrenches, hammer, male plug, base plates, oil and safety glasses provided.
  • A comfortable grip and long handle for good control so that the tool doesn’t slip from your hands.
  • Hard-coated stapler channel to avoid rusting. This keeps the tool in good condition.


With this list, you now know what you are looking for. You don’t have to look through the whole store to find which sort of tool you want and still be unsure of what you are buying.

The best of these is the Freeman PFL618BR, followed by the Bostitch MIIIFN, then DeWalt DWFP12569, NuMax SFL618, LSN3 LOTOS, Freeman PF18GLCN, and PowRyte 500022 Elite. However, it depends more on what you are looking for in a tool – something that can be used for other functions as well or a single one that you need just for nailing.

These are the best options out there and you can purchase one that you find most suited to your needs.

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