If you’re in the market for a new air compressor, you should know that our buyer’s guide will help you to find an appropriate product. We’ve checked out so many styles and put together a selection of impressive designs which are ideal for different applications and budgets.

Our goal is to take care of the comparison-shopping for you, so that you don’t have to. We know that one of these highly-rated, affordable and practical air compressors will be exactly what you’re looking for!

Today, we’re going to showcase five designs which really measure up in the eyes of consumers.

Discover Our Top Five Picks

1.) Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

This is a budget model which performs as though it costs more money! It’s available for a really low price at larger online retailers and it’s quite feature-packed, consider how affordable it really is. As well, it’s manufactured by a brand with a strong and positive reputation.

The Vlair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor features twelve volts of power and one hundred and twenty psi of maximum working pressure. The motor will need to run while you’re using it. It also has a free flow rating of 1.47CFM at zero psi. This air compressor is very portable and it runs via clamps of the alligator type, which go direct to its battery.

You’ll find that this design is great for compact all-terrain vehicles, as well as sport utility vehicles, sedans and trucks. Anything which has tires of up to thirty-three inches should work well with this popular air compressor. In addition, it comes with a power indicator of the LED type, as well as a power cord which measures ten feet in length. Also, it has an air hose which measures sixteen feet, as well as a three-piece tip kit for inflation.

This design is so easy to move from place to place and it’s great for inflating tired. It uses a battery connection which is direct, via a couple of battery terminal clamps. You may check the pressure of tires by utilizing the gauge which is situated on top of the compressor and turning the compressor off for a bit. You’ll receive a user’s manual as well as a manufacturer’s product warranty.

2.) Q Industries HV-35 SuperFlow 12-Volt 140 PSI Air Compressor

If you’re interested in a new compressor which will give you the ability to inflate a tire in just a few minutes, you’ll find that this Q Industries design gets the job done in under three and a half minutes. This design features one hundred and forty psi and it comes with a power cord which measures ten feet in length.

As well, it includes a handy carrying case which makes it easy to move it where you need it to be or to store it when you’re not using it. When you choose this popular design, which is available for a budget price, you’ll find that it can handle twenty-five liters of air each minute.

This machine is very light in weight and it’s fairly small, also, so it won’t be hard to carry around and it won’t take up a lot of room. It’s best for those who need to use air compressors now and then, rather than every day. For example, if you want a model which will inflate a flat tire if it goes flat while you’re driving, or need a way to inflate an air mattress while you camp (or blow up pool toys which are inflatable), this model will work very well.

It has good psi capacity and it also comes with a pressure gauge which is mounted on the machine. The design comes with a carry case, as well as adapters which make it easy to inflate equipment for various sports.

Most people who buy this design find it very quiet and pleasant to use and find that it delivers performance which is beyond its budget price point. It’s a solid pick for occasional use and comes from a good company.

3.) Omega AC15 12V 1.5 Gallon Air Compressor

If you want something with a mid-range price tag and a few more features, you’ll benefit from considering this model from Omega. It works on twelve VDC and has an output of one hundred and ten psi. As well, it features a CFM rating of 2.03 at zero psi. This unit has a tank with a 1.5 capacity and it comes with a braided hose which is crafted from stainless steel.

It’s a good choice for boat owners who want a machine to use with their boat air horns. While this model costs a bit more than the others on our list, it does get good ratings and it’s quite light in weight at nineteen pounds. You’ll find that this unit is portable enough to tote around easily.

4.) Kensun Multi-Use Tire Inflator Portable Car Air Compressor

This design from Kensun is really practical because it costs so little, is simple to carry around and works very well. When you choose this model, you’ll access a carrying case which makes it easy to take this air compressor anywhere or store it safely. The machine is equipped to handle a range of inflation jobs, such as tire inflation, raft inflation, mattress inflation, pool toy inflation and sports ball inflation.

Real-life owners appreciate just how easy it is to set up and operate this model. It comes with a cord which measures nine feet and ten inches, as well as an air hose which measures two feet and seven point five inches. As well, it comes with a trio of adaptor nozzles which make it easy to inflate an array of items.

If you want a way to fix a flat tire and prefer a compact model which is really light in weight, you’ll find that this design is really impressive. It’s definitely so portable and it provides exceptional performance for a rock-bottom price. Stash it in your trunk while you’re traveling and keep in your garage when you’re at home. You’ll find that it comes in so handy for an array of tasks.

5.) Puma Twin Tank 12 Volt 2 Gallon Oil-Less Air Compressor

We’ve included one high-end model, which costs a fair bit more than the others and this is the Puma Twin Tank. This design is heavy-duty, in contrast to the others, and it’s an oil-less design. It runs on twelve volts and has two-gallon capacity. It’s a twin tank design which is able to generate 3.4 CFM at forty PSI and 3 CFM at ninety psi.

When you choose this design, you’ll find that it’s perfect for accessing air during emergencies. For example, it’s a popular choice with those who own trucks, boats and utility vehicles. As well, it’s ideal for air suspension usage and air horn usage. The machine will draw thirty Amps and it will pump up to one hundred and thirty-five PSI.

Since it is powerful, its higher price tag is justified. Most people who own it find that it gives them greater peace of mind, because it’s just so functional. It does a lot of different things and it’s well-made, from rugged materials. It’s meant to offer the sort of help that people need when problems arise.

Which Compressor is Right for You?

Now that you know five models which offer impressive benefits for great prices, you’ll be ready to decide which machine is right for you. Some people prefer the lower-end models, as they offer enough power for occasional usage. Others want the power and added features of mid-range or high-end designs. What you choose is up to you. However, you’ll find that every compressor on our list is highly-rated and comes from a solid manufacturer.

To find out more about these designs, check them out at the world’s largest online retailer. It’s probably the best place to get authentic air compressors for excellent prices. When you buy these units new, you should qualify for warranties, but be sure to double-check and see how strong warranties are before you make a final decision. This information should be available in the product details for the compressors, at online retailers.

Once you’ve ordered a new compressor, you’ll be ready to inflate things when you need to, such as car tired. It’s so handy to have a compressor around. It’s really useful for so many tasks and the portable styles, which fit in trunks, are great to have while you’re driving around. Taking care of a flat tire on your own will save you so much hassle and most of these compressors are extremely affordable.

Hopefully, one of these five models will be just right for you. Naturally, there are hundreds of styles on the market. We know that you’re unlikely to have the time to check all of them out, so we found five styles which are basically ideal for a wide range of consumers. We hope that you order one of them today.

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